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Aim for the Top University Plan
Brief Description of the Project
Current Status of National Sun Yat-sen University

  The NSYSU was named in honor of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and was established in 1980 at Sizihwan, Kaohsiung. Even as the NSYSU continues the pursuit for academic excellence, cultivate outstanding students, promote international affairs, strengthen regional alliance and enhance administrative efficiency, the University is planning to take an active role as the Think Tank of Southern Taiwan in the future. In this manner the NSYSU will help strengthen local industrial development and social progress as expected of an academic institution and make contributions at the local and national level. The motto of the NSYSU is Dr. Sun Yat-sen's ideals of “extensive learning thorough inquiry, careful consideration, clear discrimination, and diligent practice”. This is now also the university's educational philosophy for the “Aim for Top University Plan” (ATU Plan) and future developments. The vision for the future is to create a “people-oriented” campus with a “pursuit of happiness” atmosphere where the faculty is enthusiastic about in teaching and research, the staff devoted to service and work, and students filled with zeal in learning and creation Together, we will create an academic sanctuary dedicated to “local features, national competitiveness, and world-wide focus”. The university will be the incubator of higher education, continue to groom well-rounded students as the leaders of society, strive for boost national development through advanced research and connect with the world to become a top international university.


Objective and Concept

Integrate the future development of Kaohsiung and the vision of a “top university in a great city” to make NSYSU the UCSD of Taiwan. Guided by the educational philosophy of "contribution to society through cultivating leaders across all fields", the NSYSU will become the driving force in education, research and industrial development for Greater Kaohsiung.

The NSYSU has cultivated the concept a “people-oriented” campus based on Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s educational philosophy of “extensive learning thorough inquiry, careful consideration, clear discrimination, and diligent practice”. Through the sharing of educational and research resources, NSYSU has integrated the universities in the Kaohsiung metropolitan area to create an academic sanctuary dedicated to “local features, national competitiveness and world-wide focus.”

Characteristics and Development Niche

During Phase 1 of the “Aim for Top University Plan” (ATU Plan), the NSYSU focused on promoting ocean research, development of management, wireless telecommunication, nano technology, and photonics technologies, and the integration of biomedical science research in regional universities. We have achieved the goal set for ATU Plan Phase 1 to have 2~3 key research centers ranked among the Top Ten in Asia in 2010. As NSYSU is the only national university in Taiwan with a coastline on campus, the ocean has been one of the university's features since its founding.

In addition to developments in their own disciplines, the colleges have also supported research into topics such as ocean engineering, ocean biochemistry, harbor management, ocean literature and marine policy, turning the NSYSU into an important center for ocean research and education in Taiwan. In the future, the NSYSU will continue to develop its teaching and research capabilities in ATU Plan Phase 2. Our goal is to become one of the top ocean research centers in the world and make “ocean education, ocean industry, ocean Taiwan” the lifeline for sustainable development in Taiwan.